Comments about Exodus 16: 1-10

It’s been a month since Israel left Egypt and a severe disease breaks out among the whole congregation. It was a sickness of character; they began murmuring. This disease is very contagious. As is common, this disease grew from discontentment to accusation, serious accusation. The multitude of millions charge two men with the intent to murder. Moses and Aaron are following the same pillar of cloud and fire as they, yet, the innocent must be wounded and sacrificed on the alter of psychological projection.

To say that Moses “has his hands full” here would be a terrible understatement. This group has begun to fantasize their slavery and forgotten their salvation. What a careless and cruel group this seems to be.

In this short time and by these few actions, God would have been justified in raining down brimstone, but instead, He sent bread. God was working on these people. To work on them, He needed to work with them. All of this was new to them. Yes, they have witnessed some mighty wonderful works of God, but God is desiring to build a relationship with them. This relationship will take a lot of work to build… Work that God is willing to do.

God responds to this dreadful disease with compassion and grace. God was working to develop within them a godly world view. That is, He wanted them to see Him, and their problems and daily lives from a proper perspective and in the proper light.

Jehovah, once again, would show His glory. This was the best way to improve their behavior. Man’s knowledge of God and attitude toward God guides his behavior.

It is certainly interesting when one considers how perceptive God is. God perceived not only their lack of faith, but also the validity of their concerns. And even though these people were eyewitnesses to mighty wonders, they were infants in respect to their faith. So, God doles out a provision of grace instead of punishment for guile.

            What this all comes down to is, the people need and God supplies. It is really that simple. This supply would not start in the wilderness and did not end at the border of Canaan. It was a four-thousand-year process of provisions that were made manifest in the wilderness and culminated in Christ.

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