Sound Advice

Jethro brings his family together and upon realizing the great task Moses has undertaken, offers salient advice for him to consider. This writer believes that the advice offered to Moses will benefit many servants of God today.

Comments about Exodus 16: 1-10

It is certainly interesting when one considers how perceptive God is. God perceived not only their lack of faith, but also the validity of their concerns. And even though these people were eyewitnesses to mighty wonders, they were infants in respect to their faith. So, God doles out a provision of grace instead of punishment for guile.

God and The Exodus

Anytime one goes to the biblical text, they should ask, “What does this reveal to me about God.”
In Exodus chapter three, God sends Moses to the captives and instructs him to tell them, “I AM hath sent me to you” (3:14). The Exodus is about God!