God and The Exodus

The Bible is a library of volumes in which God expresses and reveals Himself to mankind. This makes a lot of sense to the writer of this blog, because it should take two millennia, forty men and multiple languages to adequately reveal the God of all the earth. While Jehovah can be described in a word, love (1 John 4:8), God doesn’t expect men to trust Him based on a word. God, very carefully and painstakingly, recorded His history with man. Those facts are given as evidence whereby men are called to logically and with good reason place their faith in Him (Hebrews 11:1; 1 John 5:13). While love is an adequate description of God, He gave 783,186 other words (KJV) to further reveal Himself to man.  

Anytime one goes to the biblical text, they should ask, “What does this reveal to me about God.” Often times, people get bogged down in the characters and events and forget that the account is less about Abraham, Moses or David and more about God. God, through the text, is revealing His worth and trustworthiness (Zephaniah 3:5; Revelation 5:12).

The congregation to which this author is blessed to labor among is studying Exodus on Wednesday evenings. The book of Exodus opens with the pain and torture of slavery. The people of promise are being wasted in a foreign land. Four hundred years have come and gone with seemingly no sign of the promise being fulfilled (It would depend on whose perspective was being considered, Exodus 1:20; Genesis 12:2). In Exodus chapter three, God sends Moses to the captives and instructs him to tell them, “I AM hath sent me to you” (3:14). The Exodus is about God!

In chapter 1, “I AM present in your sufferings.” In chapter 2, “I AM your deliverer.” In chapter 3, “I AM your God.” In chapter 4, “I AM your calling.” In Chapter 5, “I AM confronts evil.” In chapter 6, “I AM your encouragement.” In chapters 7-10, “I AM God alone.” In Chapters 11-12:36, “I AM your Passover.” In chapters 12:37- 13:22, “I AM your freedom.” In chapter 14, “I AM your defender.” In chapter 15, “I AM your song.”

This Wednesday (09-28-22), the Eastside Church of Christ will dive into Exodus chapter 14 to experience God defend His people. Who do you want defending you? Please, come experience the “I AM” with this wonderful group of His people. If the Eastside Church of Christ can help you in any way, please, reach out below. God bless you.

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