“Behold, this dreamer cometh”

Many times, life happens and someone will exclaim, “I never saw that coming.” The shock and surprise of the torrents of life catch the most diligent of men off guard. It is within the pages of the last half of Genesis that one comes across this spiritually “in-tune” character in Joseph, who never dreamed of some of the things that happened in his life. It is to this end this author directs our attention.

From a Cave in Machpelah

George Bernard Shaw said, “Life always equals out, there is a death for every life.” Life’s cycle caught up with Sarah, and then Abraham (Genesis 23 and 25). When Sarah died, Abraham secured a field that contained a cave to bury his beloved. This cave would serve as the final resting place for the Patriarchs and Matriarchs save Rachel, who was buried in Bethlehem (Genesis 35:19).

What Really Matters

This short blog, hopefully, will serve to call minds back to the important things in life. When one considers the most important things in life, topping that list should be going to heaven. The writer wants to discuss the two things a person must do in order to go to that heavenly city.

Comments about Exodus 16: 1-10

It is certainly interesting when one considers how perceptive God is. God perceived not only their lack of faith, but also the validity of their concerns. And even though these people were eyewitnesses to mighty wonders, they were infants in respect to their faith. So, God doles out a provision of grace instead of punishment for guile.

God and The Exodus

Anytime one goes to the biblical text, they should ask, “What does this reveal to me about God.”
In Exodus chapter three, God sends Moses to the captives and instructs him to tell them, “I AM hath sent me to you” (3:14). The Exodus is about God!

The Awesomeness of God’s Word

Consider with this writer for just a moment a powerful picture of Christ. Joseph is a character that auditors of the biblical narrative meet upon reaching the second half (30-50) of the second unit of Genesis (12-50). Although the New Testament never comes out and says, “Joseph is a type of Christ”, the similarities are striking and convincing.