A Day Like Any Day

The day is just like any day, the rush about full blast.                                                                    

No time for much, too much to do; “The Jones” I must surpass.

No time for church, no Bible time, no oil burnt in the night; To dedicate

my life to Him and make sure that I’m right.

The bills still come, the stress full tilt; I cannot get ahead.

No time for prayer, no time for song before I rest my head.

“I’m young” “I’m strong” I’ve got more time

One day I’ll get it right; But just for now I can’t slow down this is my only life.

The day is just like any day, the rush about full blast. But I’ve slipped into eternity and

now regret my past. I thought I had a lot of time but soon it ran right out; Now all that’s left

is pain and tears, torment is all about.

My families left to ponder, just where I’ll spend my time,

and only if I could go back, I’d trade it all at the drop of a dime.

If todays a day like any day and you rush about full blast.

Take a pause my friend and obey the Christ, He’ll put your sins in the past.

He’ll write you in the book of life, if you’ll answer His call.

Heaven and Earth will rejoice with you, cause you’ll have won it all!

                                                      Robby Eversole, Jr


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