Turn To Christ- A poem for you today.

Where do we turn when all is lost, and life has gone awry? When hope is gone and chances slim- life surly slipping by?

Where do we go to find a ray of light in dark of night? What do we hope can brighten path when path is black and fright?

So many things this world affords to line the skies of Grey, with twinkling ribbon sliver gleams and seems to brighten day.

The platinum of the jeweler’s band and diamond shimmering light, but both do fail to cheer us on, they too, depend on light.

When moments seem to overwhelm the sadness overcomes- can one shift focus north of earth and past the burning sun?

There’s one that’s brighter than the ball of burning gas up there. His name was called Immanuel, the Christ who makes all well.

He is the light of every man that looks to Him in faith. No problem ever befell man too big for Him to take. No silver

here or gold ore there can make gloom dissipate- but Jesus Christ gives mankind hope and most our load He takes. When

trials sore and life unfair makes quitting fit the bill- take heart and look to Jesus Christ upon that awful hill. Thru faith and

pain- yes, faithfulness we too will overcome; and thru the conquering Christ we find our battles have been won. It’s Christ

that turns our grey clouds blue and darkness into light. It’s Christ that helps revive our faith, turning quit back into fight. It’s

Christ that motivates the man to finish till the end- so here I find we are right back to where we first began. Where do we turn

when all is lost, and life is gone awry? Turn to Jesus and consider Him- He’ll put a twinkle in your eye. You’ll finish this life

faithfully- what lies for you in store; the English language fails to paint your bliss forever more.

No more dark clouds, no tears, no pain, shall bring you down again. You’ll be dwelling with the Son of God and all the host

with Him. Those written in the book of life around the throne will fall- and forever be with the King of Kings- hold

on, now! Heaven will surely be worth it all!

Robby Eversole, Jr

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