The Absurdity of Relativism

There is a doctrine that has made great strides in the world today which is evident by the degradation of society. The evidence of this doctrine is manifest in the religious world, the political world and in the academic arena. It is the doctrine of relativism. In this blog, this author desires that you to consider with him, “The Absurdity of Relativism”.

The word absurd(ity) means “wildly unreasonable, illogical, inappropriate or ridiculous.” It is suggested here, a successful definition of exactly what is found in all three divisions of the world mentioned above. Relativism is a set of beliefs or “doctrine” that affirms that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context and are not absolute. Simply put, this belief states that you cannot know anything for sure. This is a logical fallacy in itself, as if the unsure person could be sure that you cannot be sure of anything. What a mess! While teaching “epistemology”, Eddy Craft, Co-Director of the Tri-Cities School of Preaching, expressed, “that he would not want anybody who believed you could not know anything trying to tell or teach him something.” To that, a hearty “amen” rings as this writer will address the absurdity of relativism.  

Relativism is absurd because anything goes. When one espouses this doctrine, they may use the wrong bathroom, while claiming “it is right for them”. After all, truth is decided on an individual basis, giving no place for an absolute standard. This is what someone might call “ignorance gone to seed”. It is evidenced every day, folks! The world watches the “LGBTQ” community push hard for “equality” in the world, which yields them a place of supremacy in society where they are a protected class, and anyone with a moral objective standard is attacked as a “narrow-minded bigot.” It is absurd to affirm and support a lifestyle that carries the highest suicide, STD, homicide, and drug abuse rates of any other demographic, and to consider it as good and right. The doctrine of “anything goes” is absurd. The author would note here that the doctrine of “relativism” walks hand in hand with the atheistic-evolutionary model. The theory promoted in the public-school systems, colleges and universities as fact has no standard for moral(s) outside of the human mind. It must affirm that every decision is a simple chemical reaction of each individual, basing right and wrong purely something that would, and must differ from person to person. Jeffrey Dahmer, in an interview, admitted that the evolutionary model propelled his demented behavior. His reasoning was more rational than the atheist that try to argue for a moral standard outside of a moral law giver, namely, Jehovah God.

Relativism is absurd because it leads to indifference. “Reductio ad absurdum” is a Latin term for a logical form of argument that means “argument to absurdity”. This is simply pushing a position to its farthest logical extreme. Indifference relative to truth is absurd because if a person conceived it was good to murder their neighbor, then nothing would be wrong with that because, “who am I to challenge their truth or reality?” (Think back to the previous section on morals and atheism) A person must remain indifferent to any rhyme or reason concocted by man, which is inappropriate and absurd. The mathematician isn’t indifferent to “2+2=4.” He takes his stand there and must defend the fact that mathematical equations have a proper answer, one that is true, no matter how anyone may feel about it. The scientist cannot defend his discipline by ignoring the laws that govern the arena in which he practices. Now, there is no doubt that many scientists have tried to promote evolution, and are indeed atheist, but they are those things (evolutionist and atheist) by completely ignoring or dismissing a lot of data that stands contrary to the preposterous positions they take. The engineer calculates his designs to the most tedious standards, many times to the thousandth of a decimal, and they give no room for indifference. Motors will not operate, bridges will not hold up, and systems will completely fail if someone becomes indifferent to the design. This thought leads us into the next consideration.

Relativism is absurd because it is not supported by the biblical text. The word of God is truth (Psalm.119:160; John 17:17). The truth is something men can and must know (John 8:32; 14:6; Philippians.4:8). It would be absurd for God to demand for His people to walk in truth and that very command be an impossibility (1 Kings 2:4; 3 John 1:4; Psalm.51:6). It is illogical and absurd to affirm that God would place upon mankind the burden of the necessity of truth and make its apprehension either subjective to the whelms of individuals or unattainable. Some things man cannot know (Romans.11:33), but anything that has a bearing on souls or morals lie in the realm of truth. All men are saved by truth and to say it cannot be known is absurd (2 Thessalonians.2:10; 2 John 4).

Truth: concrete, objective, absolute truth, is as important as the air men breathe. Truth has played a very important role is the field of modern medicine. There is a ratio of medicine that is effective (truth) in killing cancer and allowing the human frame to recover from deadly disease. There is truth to be found in the scientific discipline. The laws of “Thermodynamics” and of “gravity” are founded in truth. They are what they are because God made them to be what they are. God blessed mankind throughout the years to recognize such inalterable truths and then name these facts. There is no room for alteration in such. How can anyone find room to alter such things as DNA, gender, or how life came to be in the first place? This author submits to your consideration that logical answers to life’s most intriguing questions are obtainable and found and bound in the realm of truth. The Absurdity of Relativism is just as described, absurd!

It is also true that objective truth exists in the realm of religion. It is to that question that this writer begs of you to study with him. Is there truth regarding the oneness of the church? Is there truth regarding the doctrine that the church lives by? Is there truth in the realm of worship? Is there truth in the organization of the church? Is there truth in the beginning/birth of the church? Friends, there is truth, and the truth matters. The Devil would want nothing more than for you to stop investigation and disobey the command of God to, “prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

If you would like to study or need help in any way, be noble like the Berean’s, and seek the truth (Acts 17:11)!

God Bless You!

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