The Awesomeness of God’s Word

Consider with this writer for just a moment a powerful picture of Christ. Joseph is a character that auditors of the biblical narrative meet upon reaching the second half (30-50) of the second unit of Genesis (12-50). Although the New Testament never comes out and says, “Joseph is a type of Christ”, the similarities are striking and convincing.

Life Is Like A Song

There is no doubt that men’s lives are often times captivated and motivated by music. Music has the ability to capture emotions and situations and connect to its listeners. Music can be very intimate, to both the artist performing or writing and the one enjoying and connecting to the song. God made men this way.

“Bird Brain”

. This author has heard the phrase “bird brain” as long as he can remember. This phrase is an affront to the intelligence of those to whom it is ascribed. What if it is the case that sometimes birds employ instincts and good sense to a higher degree than humans? This writer suspects that is exactly what is found when considering Jeremiah chapter eight.

Behold I Thought

What do we do with our expectations? What have others done with the expectations they have had? Is there anything that could help us with our relationships, especially our relationship with God?